Assignments for 3. and 4. semester.

The assignments are cronologically listed, beginning at the bottom of the page.

Grafic Design - Elective Studies


exercise_in_kontrast fashion_statement zoo_poster zoo_symmetry

CD Covers

give_the_eyes_a_rest mozart_typo_2 mozart_typo cowboy

Book cover


E-cards and Flyers

e-card e-card go_card

Corporate Identity

Website Mock-up - Business Card - Letter Head

re-design_for_website business_card_back_and_front stationary

Design the letter: A

Place your letter in an environment
The 4 letters have to be placed in 4 squares of 200 x 200 mm. You should furnish the squares as four different environments

letter_a_1 letter_a_2 letter_a_3 letter_a_4
Animations production Viral Video
Theme: A Journey Theme: Food

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